Friday, July 3, 2020
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    UNGEGN Website


    Unicode Consortium



    United Kingdom

    Ordnance Survey Gazetteer of Great Britain

    National Street Gazetteer

    Gazetteer for Scotland

    UK Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (PCGN)

    Ordnance Survey

    Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSN)

    OS Gaelic place names policy document

    OS Welsh Language Scheme document


    Welsh Language Board


    South Australian State Gazetteer

    ICSM Glossary of Generic Terms and Glossary of Designators

    New Zealand Topographic Information and Glossary

    One City One Site (OCOCS)


    Selected exonyms of the German language

    List of country names in German


    Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying

    "Austrian Map"

    Hydrographical Central Bureau

    Statistik Austria

    Municipal Authority of Vienna ... city map

    Austrian Alpine Club

    Toponymic Committee of Styria

    Institute for the Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names

    Institut fur Geographie und Regional forschung der Universitat Wien

    Competence for naming of-geographical objects in Austria

    Site Web de la Division francophone

    Toponymic guidelines


    Pays et capitales du monde

    Baltic Division

    Latvia ... Jana seta Map Publishers

    Lithuania ... National Land Service


    National Land Survey


    Research Institute for the Languages of Finland

    National Land Survey of Finland

    National topographic maps on-line


    Mapping Authority of Norway

    Toponymic guidelines

    Central Place-Name Register /norgesglasset.html

    Section for Name Research, University of Oslo

    Norwegian Mapping Authority

    Norwegian Language Council - list of foreign names


    Place Names Board

    Place Names Database

    National Land Board

    Estonian Map Centre

    Institute of Estonian Language

    Estonian Maritime Administration

    AS Regio

    Letter Database

    UNGEGN Working Group on Romanization Systems website

    South Africa
    South African Names Council, etc.

    United States of America

    Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

    Alexandria Digital Library Project (University of California)

    Geonet Names Server (foreign names)


    Registro de Entidades Locales


    Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing

    UNGEGN Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers
    Division website


    GeoNames web site ... Canadian Geographical Names Data Base, board, provincial/territorial abbreviations, publications, SchoolNet, etc.

    Commission de toponymie du Quebec ... database etc

    Northwest Territories ... data base, etc.
    British Columbia Geographical Names Information System ... data base, etc.

    Manitoba geographical names

    Nova Scotia

    Alberta geographical names

    Toponymic heritage - Quebec

    Quebec-Basque (Spain) seminar

    UNGEGN Division francophone website

    Guide for reduction of odonym duplication in Quebec

    Canadian Geographical Names Service

    Publicity for the GNBC ... webcast


    List of exonyms

    UNGEGN - East Central and Southeast Europe Division

    UNGEGN Working Group on Training Courses in Toponymy


    Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

    Geocoder Address data for Northrhine Westphalian subset


    ISO spatial referencing by geographic identifiers

    Open GIS Consortium


    Standardization of geographical names in Slovenia, as well as the East Central and
    Southeast Europe Division and the UNGEGN Working Group on Toponymic
    Data Files and Gazetteers

    Republic of Korea

    National Geography Institute with names database, and geographical names in
    administrative units

    International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS)

    Example of publicity through radio: "Numen-Nomen-Namen"

    International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

    ISO/TC 211 liaison

    Open GIS Consortium

    International Hydrographic Bureau
    GEBCO Gazetteer





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